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meBarista in Ionic2.

This is the codebase used to make the iOS meBarista App. It also builds for Android, but support is limited to Bluetooth Classic devices for now ( no BLE ). I think it is feasible to support BLE on Android by adding a BLE plugin.

On Android ( with Classic devices ) there is no auto-pairing : you need to pair your meCoffee through the system Bluetooth settings.

I hope to get it working on OSX and Windows to replace the Google Chrome App.


  • Install NPM
  • Install Ionic2 and Cordova
  • Clone the repository
  • npm install

  • ionic platform add android

  • ionic run android

  • ionic platform add ios

  • ionic run ios --device

  • For Android, use Google Chrome "chrome://inspect" to connect to the app

  • For iOS, use XCode to attach the debugger

Release iOS:

To get provision profile