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  • More stability : meCoffee only has a limited set of devices ( tablets/phones ) available, if a problem occurs on a specific device it would be great if we could get fixes in meBarista sooner
  • More creativity : if features are wanted or somebody is a designer who can make things look good, all the better
  • More freedom : by doing meBarista in the open, meCoffee owners are guaranteed access to meBarista on their terms


  • Create a feature-branch with a coherent set of changes : so if you have fixes for the latest iPhone and a nifty new feature for the home screen, create separate feature branches 'feature-iPhoneX-fixes' and 'feature-home-gauge-update'
  • When you are confident, create a pull-request
  • Pull request will be evaluated by meCoffee
  • A beta will be distributed through TestFlight(iOS) or the beta channel(Android)
  • Eventual release to production